Flask-HipPocket Documentation

Circular imports have you down? Looking for a better way to build mid-to-large scale systems? Pop that flask into your hip pocket and take a brisk walk to clear your head.

What is it?

Flask-HipPocket is a collection of convenience wrappers for the already intensely useful Flask web framework.

At its core are two classes:

Enable centralized URL mapping based on LazyLoader from Flask’s documentation
A wrapper to enable running setup tasks on a Flask application at startup.

HipPocket itself also comes with two pre-defined tasks:

Load blueprints from a package and auto-register them with Flask To add a new blueprint to an autoloading application simply drop in a sub-package and reload your server.
Add basic error responses for all HTTP error codes.

Can I use it?

It depends on your requirements. Some things to consider:

  • It is currently alpha software.
  • It is licenced under the MIT licence.
  • It does not yet have full test coverage.
  • It has limited documentation.


Flask-HipPocket is actively accepting patches and feedback at its GitHub repository.